beekepers in Croatia checking on their beehives in the forestbeekepers in Croatia checking on their beehives in the forest
Our Story

“Wonder Bee is a promise of quality, of community and of family care.

The bee hives that made the propolis that healed my skin conditions as a child are the same that make the balm that we use to make Wonder Bee today. We use ethical practices to collect the best quality propolis to use in our balm.

Wonder Bee is a generational bond of care between you and your children. Try it and discover a legacy of love that really works.”

Zee Jeremic - Founder

Trusting relationships
A soothing, sweet-smelling balm that builds love

When our children are hurting, so are we. Wonder Bee has a soft, sweet scent that helps keep them calm while the balm acts quickly to soothe them so they will be smiles in no time.

A promise of quality
Harvested by master beekeepers

Wonder Bee’s active ingredient is farmed from one location, a Croatian apiary that has been in the same family for generations. With their traditional expertise and our modern standards, our product is made ethically and helps local honey bees thrive.

Beekeeper removing honeycomb from a beehive. He is holding a special tool to help him.

Respect for bees

Croatian bees

Our products are sourced from Carniolan honeybees native to Croatia, the Austrian Alps, and the entire northern Balkan region. The Carniolan honeybee is native and bred in Croatia primarily because they are known for relaxed behaviour towards beekeepers.

This bee species is known for pollinating apples, plums, cherries and peaches and willow trees generally during the springtime. They also enjoy going after other plants such as acacia, white clover, red clover, alfalfa, sunflowers, goldenrod and many more.

Carniolan bees can fly a radius of up to 4 kilometers depending on the local terrain. They generally prefer to keep close to the beehive and look for meadows filled with flowers to pollinate.

David Suzuki Foundation
Our commitment to bees

We’re passionate about our bee friends. In partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation, a portion of every sale goes to help them in their mission to protect bees and create new habitats so that they can continue to keep our natural world thriving.