Two Wonder Bee Skin Treatment tins on a yellow background. One is open to reveal the contents.Some Wonder Bee Skin Treatment tins on a yellow background. One is open to reveal the contents.
Simple, comforting, and safe!

A skin treatment for
kids that everyone’s
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A soothing, natural skin balm that really works!
Our Mission

Gently treating childrens’ day-to-day skin ailments with a natural ointment that dries tears and leaves smiles.

Relief from eczema, scratches, scrapes, and other minor skin ailments


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Instant relief

• Quickly soothes the skin
• Minimizes pain and scarring
• Has a soft honey smell


Long Lasting

• Stays active on the skin for longer
• One small tin lasts months
• Never expires

comforting aroma
Kids love the sweet smell of Wonder Bee!

Wonder Bee quickly takes the sting out of common skin conditions like rashes, scrapes and dry skin. Our balm works quickly to relieve children and have them smiling again with a soothing ointment, and comforting honey fragrance.

reliable and versatile
Soothing scrapes, saving bees

Wonder Bee is made from propolis, a natural compound made by bees that has amazing properties that help disinfect, nourish and restore skin. We are dedicated to help protect the bee population by supporting ethical, sustainable practices.

Propolis & healing
Learn more about the history and ongoing research of the healing powers of bee propolis.
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Our mission
We're passionate about treating children's damaged skin, and also dedicated to the protection of bee habitats.
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