Wonder Bee Skin Treatment
Wonder Bee Skin Treatment
Wonder Bee Skin Treatment
Wonder Bee Skin Treatment

Wonder Bee Skin Treatment

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Wonder Bee is a propolis-powered skin ointment that really works. It’s simple, it smells great and it’s a product that’s sourced from nature. It spreads easily and works quickly to give relief to minor skin ailments.

  • Made with only 2 ingredients. Simple!
  • Treats eczema, dry skin and minor scrapes
  • Helps restore skin quickly and reduces scarring
  • Never expires
  • Nourishes and soothes affected areas
  • Smells sweet like honey!
  • Simple, easy and safe to use


Beneficial effect on vast majority of skin ailments and disorders. Try it for:

• Dry skin, eczema, excessively dry skin - greatly accelerates skin restoration, moisturizing and restoring suppleness
• Cuts, scrapes, abrasions - greatly accelerates skin restoration, reducing scarring
• Burns (sunburn, flame, heat) - relieves pain almost instantly, minimizes bubbling and greatly accelerates skin restoration
• Bug bites - relieves itching almost instantly, minimizes swelling, accelerates skin restoration
• Bruises - reduces discoloration and accelerates skin restoration
• Skin irritation and inflammation (i.e. red itchy nose during a cold) - relieves itching and accelerates skin restoration
• Dry lips - moisturizes and restores suppleness
• Cold sores - greatly accelerates skin restoration
• and many more...

Smooth enough balm to cover the affected area, Reapply as necessary until skin is repaired.

Do not use inside mouth or in eyes.


• Contains just two ingredients Croatian propolis and high quality German petroleum jelly which keeps the propolis working on your skin for longer.
• Our propolis is made by Carniolan bees living wild in the hills and meadows of Croatia and harvested by master beekeepers.

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Reassures parents and kids
Give them that loving feeling

When our little ones get hurt, we feel it too. Wonderbee works fast so you can turn little tears into big smiles and get them back to what they do best, being a kid and having fun.

Powered by our friend, the bee
Propolis treats skin naturally

Parents who want to avoid big pharma products have fallen in love with propolis. This natural compound naturally sanitizes and heals skin, so it’s perfect for your little one’s dry skin, eczema, and scrapes.

Trusted Natural Healing
A centuries old remedy for modern care.

Propolis has been helping treat skin ailments for hundreds of years. Now, with the benefit of science, modern propolis products are helping families lead healthier lives with fewer synthetics and more of what they love, nature’s best remedies.

The tin you can take anywhere
Pocket-sized care that’s ready when you need it

Not only does one small tin of Wonderbee last months, it’ll fit just about anywhere. Put one in your purse, your pocket, your bathroom and your car so you’ll "Bee Ready" for that next unexpected booboo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Monica McWatt

Don’t know! Have NOT received as yet!!!!!


I never received my product

Works Wonders!!

My whole family is loving Wonder Bee, we have used it for different reasons and it's amazing how it works. I personally suffer from eczema specially in my hands and only after 3 days applying it my skin was so soft. So far we have tried it for cracked lips, elbows, minor cuts and insect bites. Absolutely recommend!

Zhuoyun Yu
The MOST magic skin balm, truly natural, smell nice!

I was very fortunate to be among the first group of people trying the Wonder Bee balm. It was originally for my 7 YO daughter, but I used the whole jar.
During the pandemic, I washed my hands quite frequent, and used hand sanitizer a lot. That made the back of my skin rough, red, sometimes aching, and developed thick linings.... When I looked at my hands, I felt sad and thinking my old normal skin will never come back.... I used the balm for a week (morning and before bedtime). Magically, my hands improved in the fastest way I could ever imagine, and recovered about 90% within a week. It has only two simple natural ingredients. The vast majority is propolis from bees. It smells amazingly nice but in a subtle way. My daughter loves this very much too.

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