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Wonder Bee balm is beneficial for vast majority of skin ailments and disorders. Here are some examples:

- Dry skin, eczema, excessively dry skin: greatly accelerates skin restoration, moisturizing and restoring suppleness

- Cuts, scrapes, abrasions: greatly accelerates skin restoration, reducing scarring

- Burns (sunburn, flame, heat): relieves pain almost instantly, minimizes bubbling and greatly accelerates skin restoration

- Bug bites: relieves itching almost instantly, minimizes swelling, accelerates skin restoration

- Bruises: reduces discoloration and accelerates skin restoration

- Skin irritation and inflammation (i.e. red itchy nose during a cold): relieves itching and accelerates skin restoration

- Dry lips: moisturizes and restores suppleness

- Cold sores: greatly accelerates skin restoration

- and many more...

The balm does not expire. Both ingredients are naturally occuring, are incredibly stable and have unlimited shelf life. Both the manufacturer and founder of Wonder Bee have balm samples produced 30+ years ago that they are still using without any issues and with full benefit.

Two simple naturally occurring ingredients: white soft paraffin and propolis. White Soft Paraffin forms the protective base and Propolis is the active ingredient.

See the question below for additional information on White Soft Paraffin, and we have an entire page on the site dedicated to Propolis.

White soft paraffin is used as a barrier cream by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface. It is an emollient, sometimes known as skin lubricant. It is used to soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin. In general it is used to soften, hydrate and protect the skin and soothe any irritation, especially for people with dry skin conditions.

Benefits can include restoring the skin’s smoothness; softness and flexibility by helping the skin retain its moisture.

It is commonly known and marketed as Vaseline brand.

Yes. There is evidence that Native Americans discovered the use of white soft paraffin (petroleum jelly) for protecting and healing skin and that sophisticated oil pits had been built as early as 1415–1450 in Western Pennsylvania. For more information and references please see the References section of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petroleum_jelly.

Wonder Bee uses modern pharmaceutical-grade highest quality German White Soft Paraffin.

Olive oil is not nearly as effective as white soft paraffin. It has a much lower melting point that does not allow the active propolis compound to stay on the skin very long.

No, propolis is harvested with a propolis trap that is placed on top of the inside of the hive, leaving a little bit of open space that bees close using propolis. It is their building material. Bees are not harmed by this method, it just takes a little bit of their time.

The color and scent come entirely from propolis which is produced by bees using plants near their hives. Weather patterns and seasons impact the availability of plants and therefore there may be slight changes in the color and/or scent of the balm from season to season. Efficacy is not impacted in the slightest by these variations.

If the allergic reaction was caused by a bee sting, there should be no correlation as the reaction was most likely caused by bee venom which is an entirely different compound. If the allergic reaction was caused by honey or propolis itself, then we would strongly urge you to be safe and NOT use the balm.

It works. It is natural, simple, and incredibly effective. It does not contain pharmaceutical antibiotics or chemical ingredients most of us do not understand.

The key ingredient (propolis) is produced by bees in limited quantities and has to be hand-harvested to avoid negative impact to the bees. These two factors have the biggest impact on the current cost of the balm.

Currently we ship to Canada and the United States.

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